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Another day, another time to use ssh. Wanting to connect to your server, you begin typing ssh user@- and darn - what was the server's IP address again? You frantically search your shell's history, but to no avail. You just cleared it yesterday.

This is where hostnames come in. They are identifiers used by devices inside a computer network. Simply put: You can use yourawesomehostname in place of an IP address. That of course only works if you are able to remember the hostname.

Picking a naming scheme is a good place to start. After all, you want all the…

You actually do not need to use shampoo. In fact, it’s probably healthier for you to quit using it completely.

In a blog post, Nat Eliason describes his journey of not using any shampoo for years. I’m not going to repeat the arguments listed throughout the blog post, so you should check it out yourself. Inspired by this concept, I took on the challenge myself and started on 2021/06/28.

While my hair didn’t feel as smooth initially, I can call this experiment a success after trying it for about a month and overcoming the adaptation period. …

Imagine a world in which it was as easy to build a Jamstack app as it was to build a server rendered web app using frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel or Django. Meet Blitz.js — the combination of those two approaches I’ve been waiting for.

Blitz works like this: You write your frontend code using React and backend code using JavaScript. At this stage, your app very much resembles one created with Ruby on Rails. But Blitz.js really shines when it comes to connecting the back- and frontend.

In a Jamstack app, you would normally define API routes and…

I’ve tried to organize my to-dos using various digital solutions and while they certainly had a lot of features, they all fell short of motivating me to complete tasks.

So I’ve since switched to a much more simple system. All it requires is a pencil and a stack of sticky notes. You then write your to-dos on one sticky note each and put them on a stack.

It is important to not write down too many to-dos at once, as this will just lead to you overwhelming yourself. Instead, keep it limited to a small number (something like 5 notes).

Python is truly my go-to programming language. The ease of use, clean code and speed of development it delivers are unmatched. Often times I was able to prototype an idea very quickly. When I moved on to larger workloads there was one problem though: the execution speed.

Because Python enforces a lot less constraints than non dynamically typed languages, such as Go, Rust or C/C++, it is easier and faster to write code in Python, but it will also never achieve the same levels of speed.

So let me be clear from the start: There are ways of improving Python’s…

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are great. They are fast, infinitely resizable, supported by all major browsers and can be freely used by anyone. In short, they are the go-to image format for the web.

Recently, while developing my new website Tailwindize, I obviously opted for using SVGs. Tailwindize displays dynamically colored previews of website components. Because one of those elements includes an SVG, I needed to look for a way to change the color of said SVG using JavaScript.

The code for that image looks something like this:

First, you have to get the hex color code of the color…

The CSS framework Tailwind CSS and it’s utility-first approach has completely changed the way I approach designing websites with CSS. Instead of creating custom CSS classes like “button” or “header” you use utility classes like “p-5” to add a padding to an element.

During my journey with Tailwind CSS, I came across a problem. Sometimes I wanted to “translate” a specific color from, say an existing design, to one from the default Tailwind color palette. There were some existing tools fulfilling that need, but none of them seemed particularly appealing to me. …

As the highest-grossing franchise to date, everyone knows about Pokémon. As such, there is a great deal of merchandise available. This of course also includes trading cards, which have immensely risen in popularity throughout recent years and 2020 in particular. For some (including myself) it has become an investment even.

The logical consequence of the high demand for older Pokémon cards that are no longer printed is rising prices. One of the first-ever English Charizard cards printed that is in perfect condition raised a price of $350.000! A similar card sold for $300.000 a month earlier. …


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