How to objectively compare VPS/hosting offers

Your requirements

Before you even start to look for offers, you should have a solid understanding of what the CPU, RAM, disk speed and internet connection means and effects when it comes to servers. Using that knowledge, you should then have a solid idea in mind what hardware your server requires.

What hosting companies don’t tell you

Truth be told, it is not as easy as to just look at the raw numbers hosting providers put on their websites. And I had to learn this first-hand.

Benchmarking with yabs is a collection of benchmarking tools meant to run in a Linux environment. It includes CPU, RAM, disk and network performance benchmarks. The program is extremely easy to use, as you need to do is to run one simple command:
curl -sL | bash


You now know what to look out for when renting a server. By running benchmarks, you are able to objectively compare them and find the one that offers the most performance for your money. I hope this helps you avoid common pitfalls you can encounter when it comes to hosting offers.



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