Take back control of your email address

Switching Email Providers

There are many email providers out there, but not many that actually care about your privacy. One of the best resources on this that I’ve found is privacyguides.org and their list of private email providers. Pick any provider you like, but it is preferable you choose one that supports custom domains.

Registering a Domain

Make sure your email provider actually supports custom domains. The list of email provider I mentioned earlier clearly indicates this.

Email Cloaking Service

When signing up for an online account, you almost always have to provide an email address. You forget about and a few years later that services gets hacked, and you’re now receiving the latest dietary plans and money gifts directly into your spam folder. Great.

Bringing an End to your Email Nightmares

In case you followed the above steps, you now have a functioning email address using your own domain and an effective method of combating email spam.



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